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Daylite icon and wordmarkDaylite is an entire suite of business productivity management software created to help supercharge your business, your team and your customer relationships. It could be thought of as a pro version of iCal and Address Book easily accessible by all members of your team. Daylite’s companion apps for iPhone and iPad let you take your business on the road, while keeping up with everything going on back at the office. Daylite can manage your company’s projects, sales, contacts, tasks, appointments, meetings, notes, Email and much more!

Macinhome’s Daylite gurus are awesome at getting your business running smoothly with this amazing software. The’ll get you set up, provide training, and help you get the most out of Daylite. Every hour that you delay is costing your business money. Get started today!

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Certified Daylite Support

Our Certified Daylite consultants will help you create solutions that seamlessly integrate your procedures so your team will work smarter and more efficiently.

We provide complete Daylite implementation, including installation and setup, migrating your existing data, consulting on the best workflow for your team and training them to use the system and to make the most of Daylite’s great reporting tools.

All the power of your business in a single software suite

As you grow your business, Daylite grows with you. Whether you’re an ambitious individual, a lean and mean team, or even a “big” small business, Daylite can help you stay organized and efficient.

Customer Relationships

View a timeline of all communication–emails, calls, appointments, and more. Automate follow ups. Link people together to track referrals.

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View your whole team’s calendar. Schedule appointments from anywhere. Link notes and emails to meetings so you’re always prepared.

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Email Integration

Save emails in Daylite and link them to customers, projects, appointments, and more. Schedule meetings and create tasks right from Apple Mail.

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Task Management

Get more done. Prioritize your day. Create tasks on the go. Delegate tasks to team members. Set reminders so nothing slips through the cracks.

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Project Management

Plan and prioritize projects with your whole team. Track projects with simple pipelines. Link emails, notes, people, and more to your projects.

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Sales Management

Capture every lead and attach a price tag. Automate next steps to push the deal forward. Review sales reports to know what’s happening.

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