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You just want technology to work, to make your life easier.

We get it. And that’s why it can be so frustrating when things don’t work the way you expect. Macinhome is your solution when that happens.

The better the tech, the more complex it is under the surface. After all, that’s how computers got to be so easy for all of us to use. But with that extra stuff going on, there’s even more that can go wrong. When it does, it can really mess up your life.

Macinhome is a team of experts highly trained, certified and experienced in all things Apple. From networking to syncing to security to usability, our squad is standing by, ready to jump into action when you need help.

How it Works

Here's how the amazing Macinhome service solves your tech problems

Your Apple or Mac issue is our problem, until it’s solved.

Step 1

Simply request a callback from our Service Request form. We call you in 10 minutes and ask a few questions to get clear on your goals.

Step 2

Your mobile consultant comes to you on your schedule to solve problems and get technology issues off your mind. We ask for payment by credit card at the end of the visit.

Step 3

There is no step three, you’re all done. You’ll get an invoice emailed to you with a satisfaction survey. We call you a few days after the visit to answer questions and make sure all is well!


International Support

Macinhome is proudly Canadian and able to support customers across the continent and around the world. Check out our service coverage map.


Not just Apple

The world does have other products besides Apple (who knew?) and if you’re connecting into those other technologies you need someone who gets that too. No problem!

While we focus on all things Apple, old and new, we do provide support for other operating systems (yes, we have Windows-certified consultants) and third-party hardware to provide you complete solutions and support.

Our Macintosh troubleshooting started with Local Area Network (LAN) gaming over Localtalk in 1996. Macinhome was officially launched in 2001.

Put your Mac in the hands of experts who truly care

Macinhome provides quality Apple-certified onsite support with unrivaled rapid response times and post-visit assistance.

Every Macinhome mobile consultant holds at least Apple Certified Support Professional (ACSP) certification, and we are members of the Apple Consultants Network.

Foundation of trust and ethics

Macinhome is built on a foundation of trust and ethics, from the top down. In fact, earning your trust in us is the keystone of our operation.

Each new recruit is hired based on their ethical foundation, passion for customer service, and eagerness to learn. Knowledge and experience are secondary; we gladly provide the training, certification, and customer service guidelines to the successful candidates.

We’re also very open and candid. If you have any questions about how the company is run or how we think, please contact us. We’d be happy to talk by phone or buy you a coffee and chat in person.

Our service promise

With every new client we take on, we continuously and carefully monitor our statistics and volume to ensure we always have extra consultant hours available. This ensures we provide the very best in white glove service to all our clients — even during peak hours.

High customer service levels and support follow-through expectations are placed on each of our mobile Apple consultants. We all adhere to a comprehensive code of ethics, code of conduct and employee guidebook. This ensures every service call is as impressive as the last.

And we listen. We make it our duty to truly understand exactly what you’re asking, and to provide solutions tailored to meet your specific needs.

Looking after our planet

Like you, Macinhome is serious about caring for our planet. We proudly seek environmentally-friendly alternatives. For instance, a web-based customer tracking and invoicing system manages everything from mobile technician scheduling to accounts payable, without ever having to print a single page. More trees saved so you can relax in the shade of one after your tech problem has been solved!

When we make calls in person (which doesn’t happen as often these days due to the pandemic), we make a point of using environmentally friendly transportation options.

Get certified Apple and Macintosh services and support. Call 877-707-macs (6227), send an Email to, or set up an appointment online using our convenient scheduling form.


Meet some of our clients

We’re proud to be assisting some of these great companies with their Apple technology. Contact us to discover how much more productive your business can be when your tech is working in perfect harmony.