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We like to think of our Privacy Policy as plain common sense.

We do unto others as we would have them do unto us.

Your contact info will never be given, lent, rented, or sold to anyone, and will only ever be used for communication from Macinhome Consulting Inc. You will see the option to be subscribed to our Newsletter in the account creation process, and if you subscribe, you will only receive an email from us at the most once a week unless there’s a reason to contact you more often, such as messages related to an order you placed. If you are texting with us via SMS you can always opt-out by saying “stop” and we won’t contact you again unless you ask for help.

Every email includes an unsubscribe link that actually works. From the moment you unsubscribe you will receive no more emails.

When you fill out a service request, we keep the information you provide in our system for reference purposes, but we take security seriously and do more than is expected to protect that data. To further secure your information, credit card numbers are never stored on our servers. To assist you in understanding what payment method you used, we keep the last four digits of your credit card number. Some of your information may be passed along to credit card processing providers to link your customer info in case you need a refund.

There is some limited personal information we keep on our servers. For example, when you buy something we need to keep track of what you’ve purchased and that means your record includes your name and some contact information such as your Email address. We also need to maintain some of these records for tax reporting purposes.

If you have any questions about your personal information, how it is stored or who it may be shared with, please get in touch at