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Improved productivity for business

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Coaching for Seniors

Friendly one-to-one training

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Home Makeover

The ultimate tech for homes

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Macinhome. Expert, affordable Apple tech solutions.

Got a challenge with your Mac or Apple device? We’ll get your problem solved fast and efficiently so you can get back to the stuff important to you. Get support for as little as $99*! Call 1-877-707-6227 or use our online booking system

Setting up your new gear

Our experts are ready to help you get productive with your new Apple products.

Solving Email problems

If you’re having trouble with your Email, we’ll get it working again quickly.

Getting your syncing in sync

We’ll help you get all your technology working together beautifully.

Organizing your passwords

From passwords to backup and expert security, we’ve got you covered.

Coordinating your team

We’ll help your team work together more efficiently and smoothly.

Migrating from Windows

If you’re moving to Mac from Windows, we’ll help you get up to speed fast.

Solving network problems

We solve WiFi problems and help make your network fast and efficient.

Helping you find your stuff

If you’re having trouble finding your files, let us help you save you time and money.

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Digital Estate Planning

Pre-Death Planning: How to set up your digital assets to make things easy for your loved ones after you’re gone.

I need support right now!

If you need fast support or aren’t sure what kind of help is required, use our convenient online booking