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Private Computer Classes for Seniors

Imagine getting on Zoom with a patient, Canadian, helpful Mac computer guy who will answer all your questions, help you get your Mac & iPhone organized, and NEVER make you feel stupid for not knowing the basics. Private and discreet, just you and your Macinhome consultant.

If that’s what you’re looking for, you’ve come to the right place!

Perfect for people who feel burned by distracting and busy group classes or well-intended but impatient family members trying to help. Don’t worry! Here you’ll learn the basics in friendly one-to-one sessions with a patient Mac tutor who has helped hundreds of people just like you.


No wasted time or group distractions because all the attention is on you and your needs.

Apple Mac & iPhone

Experts in Apple products. We know Mac, iPhone, and related products inside and out.

Wherever You Are

Thanks to Zoom and FaceTime it’s like we’re sitting together, wherever you are in the world!

On Your Schedule

We have online booking so you can just pick the time that works best for your learning.

See How it Works

Look in on an actual consulting session to see what it’s like. Just click the Play button to see Lucas helping Lyle Povah, founder and Executive Director of the Rhythm of Life Society. Lyle is launching the Drum Run Adventure Tour (a fundraiser for BC Children’s Hospital) this September and wanted some Mac organizing tips from Lucas.

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Just some of the things you’ll learn:

How to use Zoom and Facetime like an expert

Where are your files? How do you get to them easily?

Organizing your files and folders

Finding those missing downloads

Making text and screens bigger and easier to read

Staying safe from phishing, malware and identity theft

Managing passwords

Organizing and sharing photos

Understanding and using Emojis 😊

Getting email under control

Moving from a paper calendar to a digital calendar

Using the cloud - can you trust it?

Using map programs and GPS for trip planning and directions

Watch Lucas describe the program

In this quick introductory video, Macinhome president Lucas Roberts describes the Seniors Coaching Program in more detail. You’ll learn who it’s intended to help, and what you can expect from your sessions. Take a look and find out if this is a good fit for you!

Never done screen sharing? No worries!

You might think that screen sharing with a computer expert can be daunting because screen sharing is difficult to set up. Don’t worry, we’ve worked with hundreds of seniors and we know exactly what to say to make it smooth and easy. It’s completely safe and secure. And don't worry — we'll show you how to close and cancel screen sharing so you know for sure the session is ended.

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Totally private and secure

These days fake tech support companies are a very real threat. From our home base in Vancouver, Canada we've helped keep our clients safe from spam, virus scares, and tech support scams for over two decades. Lucas and his team have been doing in-home consulting since 2001 and expanded to international remote support during COVID. Privacy and security are extremely important to us; you will never be asked to show us or tell us your passwords… Everything we do for you we can do without knowing your passwords.

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Grace (in Edmonton, Alberta) was worried about falling and not sure if she would be able to get to her phone. Her daughter recommended an Apple Watch with “Fall Detection” enabled but setting that up was daunting for Grace. Lucas worked with her for an hour via FaceTime to set up the Apple Watch so it was connected to Grace’s iPhone, enabled Fall Detection, made the Watch look nice the way Grace wanted it, and taught Grace how to use it.

Steve had passwords saved in Safari, Chrome, and an app on his iPhone. The password systems were fighting with each other and making Steve’s life miserable. Lucas helped Steve get 1Password set up. Together Steve and Lucas turned off the password management in Safari and Chrome, exported all the passwords out of Steve’s iPhone, and got everything nicely in one place. Now Steve is using it and loving having everything finally working!

Here’s what real seniors are saying about Macinhome private tutoring

“Mike was excellent! As are all your consultants! They are prompt, courteous and so helpful, we are so happy to have found you.”


“Great fast service! Kind and understanding of elderly needs! Thanks!”


“Kadir is my hero. I no longer feel anxious about my computer and my lack of skills. He's fast but thinks things through carefully and explains slowly. And he's professional as well as friendly. I lucked out!”


Devices not working right? We can help!

Devices not in sync

We’ll help you get all your technology working together beautifully.

Solving Email problems

If you’re having trouble with your Email, we’ll get it working again quickly.

Storage Problems

We’ll help organize your hard drives and big files to create an easy and useful storage system.

Photos not syncing

The Macinhome team knows how to tame your photo library and get everything in sync on all your devices.

Backups not Happening

Knowing that backups are happening is vital to your peace of mind. Let us help!

Incorrect Passwords

We solve password problems and help you set up security that makes you feel safe.

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You guys are the best. I’m getting what I need, so I can accomplish what I want to do. What means the most though for me is the kind patient way you teach. We live in a world that is forgetting all about love, kindness, patience. Thank you for showing it.”


You’re never too old to learn new things

Hi! My name is Lucas Roberts and I’m the president of Macinhome. I’m passionate about helping people have a better life and feel great about their Apple technology, by teaching them how to get things working for them. Macinhome was built on principles of caring about our clients. We know how hard it is for you to stay up-to-date with technical stuff that seems to change every day. We don’t judge, we don’t use geek-speak, and we don’t beat around the bush. Since 2001, my team and I have helped hundreds of people just like you. Let us help you make the most of your technology!

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Betty was stuck alone in her care home during the COVID-19 pandemic, unable to connect with family and see her grandkids. Kadir from Lucas’s team was able to get special permission to visit as computer help and get her set up with an iPad and FaceTime. Over a couple of sessions we taught Betty to use the iPad and wrote down instructions for her in an easy-to-see place. She was quickly able to receive and make FaceTime calls and most importantly – connect with loved ones and see her grandkids!

Marion lived in fear of emailing and buying things online because of her concern that someone would take advantage of her lack of technical knowledge. With Lucas’s help, she now understands how to identify and avoid scams so she can email and shop online in total comfort and safety.

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