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You can make things just a bit easier for your family when you pass away.

It’s hard to even talk about, but it’s something that happens to every human being. You can make your end-of-life easier on your loved ones through some basic digital estate planning.

Macinhome president Lucas Roberts provides some tips in this video that will help you with this process. He shows you how you can set up a Legacy Contact who can access your digital content, how you can set password recovery contact info, and how you can help family or other people close to you as they deal with winding down your digital world. You can set things up now to prevent your loved ones getting locked out of your iCloud and other accounts!

We even provide you with a convenient downloadable, printable PDF checklist that you can fill out – after watching the video – to make things as easy as possible.

Need help with that? No problem! If you prefer to have us look after this for you, just book a session by clicking the button below or call us at 604-757-2637

Download Printable PDFBook Online

In the above Pre-Death Planning video Lucas shares the five most important tips. Here are some of Lucas’ other more detailed videos that take a deeper dive into backup, syncing, passwords, and cancelling subscriptions: