How to speed up a slow Mac

How to speed up a slow Mac

Slow Mac? There are different reasons why your Mac might slow down. Here are 12 tips to help you speed up your Mac.

How to recover lost passwords on Mac

How to recover a lost password on your Mac

Here’s a quick tip to help you recover a lost password on your Mac in no time so that you can get back to the stuff that matters.

Jedi-level trick to copy and paste on a Mac

Master copying and pasting on a Mac with this one Jedi-level trick

In this helpful video, we not only review the basics of copy/paste on a Mac, but also show you the magical “Paste and Match Style” shortcut that will transform your work with documents forever.

How to master Siri

How to Master the Awesomeness of Siri

You have in the palm of your hands the power to free up huge swaths of time like magic, just by understanding what your built-in digital assistant, Siri, is able to do for you with a simple command. Macinhome president Lucas Robert gives you 10 amazing tricks for making the most of Siri.

How to share your location with iPhone friends in 2 taps

How to share your location with iPhone friends in 2 taps

Hey, you know you’re tired of explaining and re-explaining your BBQ or party location to your friends. Here’s a fast two-tap iPhone solution!

When to buy a new Mac

Your easy guide to knowing when to buy a new Mac

In this short guide, Macinhome CEO Lucas Roberts gives some great insight to help you make a buying decision.

How to handle a laptop water spill

How to handle that dreaded water spill

Learn how to deal with a laptop “water spill” before disaster strikes! Five quick and easy steps as first aid for water spills.

How to extend laptop battery life

How to eke extra minutes out of a dying battery.

How you can squeeze the most out of a dying laptop battery so you can finish and send that proposal on time.

How to sign a document using your Mac

The easy way to sign documents using your Mac

Forget about printing, signing, scanning, and then emailing. Here’s how you can use only your Mac and its built-in iSight camera to sign a PDF in under 20 seconds.

How to speed up a slow Mac

Should you upgrade your Operating System?

It can be tempting to upgrade to the latest OS as soon as it comes out. But not all OS upgrades are a good idea, depending what Mac you have. Here’s the inside scoop.

How to Airdrop to share files fast

What is Airdrop and how do you use it?

The fastest and most efficient way ever to share files with your Mac.

What is the cloud and how does it work?

What is the Cloud all about, anyway?

What is the cloud, anyway? When your contacts and calendars are “in the cloud” what does that even mean? Here’s what you need to know.

How to find your Wifi password in 20 seconds

How to find your Wifi password fast

How many times has someone asked you for a Wifi password that you should know but can’t remember? Here’s how to find it in 20 seconds.

How to know if your backup is working

How do you know if your backup is working?

Is your Mac content actually backed up? Is it really? Here’s how to be sure, and what to do about it.

How to free up space on your hard drive fast

Make your hard drive larger without even trying

Getting that “hard drive almost full” warning? Here’s how to increase your hard drive space by quickly freeing up big files you don’t need.

How to stop having to type your Email address

How to stop having to type your Email address

Tired of typing your Email address over and over again? Here’s a shortcut to make it super easy with no typing.