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Macinhome Memberships. The ultimate in peace of mind for just $29/month.

24/7 Mac Health Checks

As a member, you get notified the moment a critical issue with your Mac needs attention, giving you the ultimate in peace of mind. It’s like having a Mac doctor standing by on ready alert.

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Backup Monitoring

Your Macinhome membership includes high quality Watchman monitoring of your backups, to make sure they’re happening and that you can rely on them when you need them.

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Looking after the health of your Mac 24/7

You use Apple products because they just work. But even the best-designed gear can seem complicated at times or not work the way you expect. Membership keeps track of the health of your Mac and notifies you when key things go sideways.

You already know that Macinhome’s certified Apple gurus can come right to you, or connect to you remotely to solve your problems. But wouldn’t it be great if you could just call on our experts any time you want with those little questions you have about your devices? Normally priced at $49 for every question, your membership includes unlimited quick questions!

The new Macinhome membership program is designed to give you even more value to keep your Mac, your brain, and your life, in the best shape ever.

A whole suite of money-saving, time-saving benefits

Individual memberships just


Here are some of the amazing benefits you can get with your Macinhome membership.*

Quick Questions Answered Anytime

Get unstuck fast when you have an issue. Call us, Email or text us questions the moment you have them. No limits. We’ll answer quickly based on our extensive knowledge and experience with Apple technology. Normally priced at $49 per question, members get answers at no additional cost!

World Class Backup Monitoring

Is your data backed up? Is it really? Our Watchman backup monitoring watches your backups and even warns you when your backup hard drive might be starting to fail. You’ll never worry again. About backup, anyway.

24/7 Mac Health Alerts

Get notified as soon as a critical issue needing attention affects your Mac. That way you can deal with it before it becomes a major problem.

Sweet, Sweet Discounts

Should you need additional work you’ll get a $20/hr discount! When it’s time for that awesome home tech upgrade you’ll enjoy getting a deal. And that’s just the start of discounts you’ll have access to.

Remote Support on Demand

When you just need someone to take over your screen and make the problem go away, we’re ready. You can get help FAST without waiting for your consultant to come to you.

* Some conditions apply.

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Your Mac, mobile devices and other Apple products have never had it so good


24/7 Mac Health Checks

Proactively get notified the moment your system
faces a critical issue needing attention. That means
key issues can be handled before they become
costly and time-consuming problems.


Backup Monitoring

Never worry about missed backups again!
Our world-class backup monitoring constantly
checks to make sure backups are working and
even warns if hard drives are about to fail.


Unlimited Quick Questions

When you have quick questions about any of your
Apple technology, members can call, text or Email and we’ll
get back to you with an answer. Normally priced at
$49 per question, members get answers at no extra cost!


Exclusive Member Discounts

As a Macinhome member, you get exclusive discounts
on Macinhome services. But we don’t stop there. We’re working
with a variety of partners to bring you special discounts on
other stuff as well to save you money.


Instant Remote Access

Get minor problems solved fast and efficiently without
even having to arrange an on-location visit. We’ll remotely
log into your system and deal with the issue in record time.


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