The executive coaching program for busy entrepreneurs

You’re busy. Growing your business. Changing the world. Building your family.

At the same time you’re coping with annoying technical issues that are holding you back. You’re only using 10% of your computer’s potential but you don’t have time for “training” and you don’t want to feel stupid asking basic questions.

The Macinhome Digital Entrepreneur Program is perfect for you. This six-month transformation system starts with a free call to learn about you and your goals. Next, we get you up to speed on how to use the full potential of the awesome computing power you have at your fingertips. And we do it on your schedule, in person, wherever you are.

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Since computers are so smart,
shouldn’t they help you get more done?
We think they should.

Recover up to two weeks of productivity per year with the results of this program.

Your Mac has more computing power than a whole roomful of computers from 20 years ago. When you understand some basic principles, you can get technology off your mind and achieve your goals faster. We’ll show you how in personalized, one-to-one training sessions.

The average entrepreneur wastes between 25 and 60 minutes a day doing inefficient steps without knowing. We’ll help you reclaim that wasted time, fast!

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What you’ll gain from our 6-month transformation program:

  • Killer efficiency tips giving you free time you didn’t even know you were wasting.
  • Your Mac personalized to match your style. It’ll feel like the cockpit of your new Tesla.
  • Feeling comfortable and in-control moving around and organizing things.
  • All the best tips for traveling with your technology.
  • Having your various devices play nice and talk with each other.
  • Knowing how to find your stuff super fast. Never lose that file again.
  • A clean and healthy Mac with knowledge to keep it that way.
  • Total peace of mind knowing your data is safe and backed up.
  • Knowing you’ll never run out of storage again.
  • Just enough tech lingo to impress friends and feel superior to other Mac users.
  • All your passwords in one secure place so you never forget them again.
  • Peace of mind with strong security knowing your data is safe from prying eyes.

You’ve got enough to think about. We’ll take tech worries off that list.

Working with you on a regular basis throughout the month, we’ll get you up to speed on using your technology so that you don’t have to think about it. You’ll find yourself just doing stuff naturally so that you can focus on the things that matter. Like growing your company.

If only your university degree had been this affordable.

You know that if you can harness computing power you’ll make more money. At the same time, you’re aware that you’ve spent more than enough on education. One of the best things about the Digital Entrepreneur Program is its affordability. For one low monthly fee you learn to use your Mac in ways you never dreamed of, to make more money than you dreamed possible.

Imagine yourself harnessing the power at your fingertips.

We’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs like you learn to master Apple technology, making them more efficient than they ever thought possible. Sign up for the Macinhome Digital Entrepreneur Program today and we’ll get you there as well.

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If knowledge is power, why not power yourself to achieve more?

You want exactly the right knowledge and support from a straight shooter. Someone who won’t make you feel stupid even if you ask the same question a few times. Someone with experience helping people like you with your goals. Your Macinhome Apple guru is that someone.

You want some basics, some more advanced know-how, with ONLY the info relevant to your lifestyle. No acronyms or gigawhatevers. And you want it on YOUR schedule, on demand, where you are. Turbo speed, no bullshit.

We get it. And we’ve helped hundreds of people like you.

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Time is money. So we let you set the time.

You’re busy and stuff that needs your attention can come up at the worst possible time. So we structured the Digital Entrepreneur Program to work around your schedule rather than forcing you to work around ours.

Evenings and weekends are no problem. Go make money during the day.


$ 499

per month for 6 months
  • Killer efficiency tips in a 1hr visit every two weeks
  • Mac personalizing
  • Getting tidy and organized
  • Travel tips to save time and money
  • Find your stuff super fast
  • Never run out of storage again
  • Tip sheets after each session
  • Screen recordings to replay lessons
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IntermediateMost Popular

$ 699

per month for 6 months
  • Everything from Startup
  • Unlimited email support
  • Setting things up and fixing issues up front
  • All your devices talking and playing nice
  • A clean and healthy Mac
  • Knowledge to keep it that way
  • Hourly backup to one location
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$ 999

per month for 6 months
  • Everything from Startup and Intermediate
  • Hourly backup to three secure locations
  • Never worry about losing a file
  • Your personal Swiss Safe online
  • Secure Email on Swiss Hosted Servers
  • Protecting your info from hackers
  • Never forget a password again
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