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Are you successful at work but behind with technology?

If you’re an entrepreneur, executive, or professional who wants to be more productive and make more money with a better handle on technology, our Executive Mac Coaching program is for you. We’ll work with you one-to-one, setting you up for long-term success.

Do any of these seem familiar?

Annoying tech issues are holding you back.

Unfamiliar technical terms make you feel out of the loop.

You’re expected to know certain things about technology and feel uncomfortable because you don’t.

File, message and calendar issues repeatedly cost you time and money.

Isn’t it about time to turn yourself from a tech dinosaur to a tech ninja?

If you’re only using a small percentage of your Apple product capabilities, and feel foolish asking even the most basic questions, we’ve got your back. Macinhome Executive Coaching was designed for people who want a patient, non-judgemental consultant to guide them through a basic understanding of using Apple technology so that you can be as productive as possible. You’ll work directly with Macinhome president Lucas Roberts and his team. We’ve been providing high quality Mac support since 2001 and we do it on your schedule, in person, wherever you are.

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I appreciated the support, non-judgement, efficiency and follow up I received from Lucas. He delivered exactly what I was looking for. Great attention to detail with our future action items. Thank you!”

—Kim Scarrow, Modo Yoga Vancouver

Make your Mac and iPhone work for you.

Recover up to two weeks of productivity per year with the results of this program.

Your Mac, iPad, iPhone or Apple Watch each have more computing power than a whole roomful of computers from 20 years ago. When you understand some basic principles, you can get technology off your mind and achieve your goals faster. You’ll feel more comfortable in any business setting. You’ll be able to deal with issues more intelligently and will know how to solve the most common problems that arise without feeling like you’re at a disadvantage. We’ll show you how in a series of personalized, one-to-one training sessions. Lucas Roberts and his consultants are friendly, patient and will never make you feel awkward or uncomfortable.

The average entrepreneur wastes between 25 and 60 minutes a day doing inefficient steps without knowing. Lucas and his team help you reclaim that wasted time, fast!

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What you can expect:

  • The right tips for you to be competent and efficient, without wasting time on useless info.
  • Your Apple devices perfectly configured, updated and personalized for your lifestyle and goals.
  • All of your electronics perfectly synced with each other, including apps and clouds.
  • Your precious data safe and automatically double-backed-up for complete peace of mind.
  • The satisfaction of finding any file immediately, whenever you need it.
  • Shortcuts you never knew existed that will save you time every day.
  • The confidence that comes with organized and simplified files, folders, emails and messages.
  • Comfort knowing you will never run out of storage again.
  • The ability to easily share files with peers and colleagues in ideal formats.

Working with Lucas was a great experience. I learned new things about how to get more efficient use of my Mac and this was in addition to him solving the problem I contacted him for. Knowing he is there for me is like having my very own tech support department for my business. I whole heartedly recommend him and Macinhome to anyone who needs Mac support.”

Deb Stellingwerff, Stellar Life Project Coaching & Consulting

If knowledge is power, empower yourself to achieve more

Hi! My name is Lucas Roberts and I’m the president of Macinhome. I’m passionate about helping people have a better life and be more successful, by teaching them how to get technology working FOR them, not against them. I don’t judge, I don’t use geek-speak, and I don’t beat around the bush. I know how hard it is for you to fall short with technology when you’re trying to succeed in life and business. Since 2001, I’ve helped hundreds of people just like you. Let me help you!

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Imagine harnessing all the power you hold in your hands.

We’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and professionals like you learn to master Apple technology, making them more efficient than they ever thought possible. Sign up for the Macinhome Executive Coaching Program today and we’ll get you there as well.

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If only your university degree had been this affordable.

You know that if you can harness the devices you have available, you’ll make more money. At the same time, you’re aware that you’ve spent plenty on both technology and education. The Executive Mac Coaching program is a remarkably good investment. For a monthly fee less than the price of equivalent one-to-one Mac support, you get that plus a huge number of premium benefits. And you learn to use your Mac in ways you never dreamed of, to make more money than you dreamed possible.

You’ve got enough to think about. Let us take tech worries off that list.

Working with you on a regular basis, Lucas and his team will get you up to speed on using your technology so that you don’t have to think about it. You’ll find yourself just doing stuff naturally so that you can focus on the things that matter. Like growing your business.

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Hands down this was the best Mac experience of my life. I feel like I’m finally in-sync with my devices and ready to let them act as an extension of my creativity, confidence and curiosity. Thank you, Lucas!”

—Vaughn Swenson

Time is money. So we let you set the time.

You’re busy and stuff that needs your attention can come up at the worst possible time. So we structured the Macinhome Executive Coaching Program to work around your schedule rather than forcing you to work around ours.

Evenings and weekends are no problem. Go make money during the day.

Three plans to make you the best you can be

All our plans are designed to help you achieve the results you want. Which one you choose will depend on the amount of time you authorize us to apply. We spend a significant amount of time up front gathering information and getting you organized. For this reason, we require a minimum 12 month commitment. All plans include the following elements:

  • Q&A session where there are no stupid questions
  • Comparing your setup to our proprietary Best Mac Practices Worksheet
  • Intake interview & needs assessment, SWOT analysis
  • Skills & habits inventory worksheet to help us understand what you currently know and what you normally do
  • FAQ worksheet and tips ie “the useful stuff other people know that you don’t know”
  • Notes and videos from each Q&A session; searchable and convenient
  • “How to reach Lucas” one-pager
  • Evaluation of your goals to understand where you want to get to and why it matters


$ 599

per month, minimum 12 months

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$ 899

per month, min. 12 months


$ 1199

per month, min. 12 months

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