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End “Mac Shame”

By September 20, 2021Technical Tips

“My desktop is a mess. Please, don’t judge!”

“I have way too many photos… I know I should delete some.”

“I use the same password for everything… terrible, I know!”

“Sorry this is taking me so long; I suck at computers.”

These are some things I hear all the time when I start working with new clients. It takes a couple sessions for that Mac shame to fall away after I reassure them it’s totally normal to have “too many photos” and a messy Desktop; everyone does.

Take all the photos you want and delete them whenever / never. Using the same password for everything makes total sense because password resets are a nightmare and password manager apps have a significant learning curve. Maybe you’re not great with computers now, but it’s totally learnable. It’s just like any other new skill.

Check back here in a week or two for some new videos I’ve made on this topic.

Lucas Roberts
Macinhome CEO
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