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Lucas Roberts and the Macinhome team are expertly qualified in all things Apple, and in all the ways Apple connects with Google, Microsoft, Adobe, Dropbox, etc. Our team is up to any challenge, but we wanted to give you a chance to book your own session with the consultant of your choice. Choose from the list below and schedule a session at your convenience.

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New Mac/iPhone setup Email Backup Syncing Passwords Storage File organizing Family device management

Lucas Roberts

Macinhome CEO and YouTube video creator.
Something he says frequently to clients: “It’s normal and it’s okay that you don’t know this! I’ll teach you. And it’s also normal to forget everything we talked about in this session so just text me after I leave, or I can make you some notes and a video.”

SPECIALTIES:   Photos Tutoring iTunes & Apple Music

Andrey Summers

Macinhome senior consultant, business account manager, and video expert.
Something he says frequently to clients: “My role here is to get you the real world results that you need, and to get your technology out of your way. Just say what you need to do and I’ll get it working for you.”

SPECIALTIES:   Networking & Wifi Business IT Security

Kadir Katrensky

Macinhome consultant and quality assurance.
Something he says frequently to clients: “If anything feels less than perfect after I leave, please don’t hesitate to call or text. I’m always happy to help.”

SPECIALTIES:   Security Photos Tutoring Windows PC

Rod Christiansen

Macinhome consultant and automation expert.
Something he says frequently to clients: “Don’t worry if it doesn’t make sense the first time. This computer and cloud stuff is way more complicated than it should be! I’m happy to review this with you again.”

SPECIALTIES:   Automation Networking & Wifi Photos Tutoring

Nick Fontaine

Macinhome consultant and security expert.
Something he says frequently to clients: “Please think of me as your IT Concierge in your pocket. Call or text with questions anytime! I love getting those messages so I can explain or clarify. There are no stupid questions!”

SPECIALTIES:   Networking & Wifi Business IT Security Photos Tutoring Windows PC

Josh Trommel

Macinhome consultant and tutoring expert.
Something he says frequently to clients: “Happy to help with lessons and tutoring or to just zap the problem away. Email, photos, organization, etc. No problem is too big!”

SPECIALTIES:   Photos Tutoring