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The embarrassing basics

I’m often asked to help with very basic Mac and iPhone things. My clients will say “I know this is a stupid and basic question, and I’m embarrassed to ask, but can you show me how to…”

  • Send a photo via text message
  • Add something to your iPhone or Mac calendar
  • Make a folder and move stuff into it
  • Use emojis 😊🎉
  • Use PayPal or email interac for the first time in your life
  • Take a screenshot
  • Something else you feel ashamed you don’t know how to do

I want you to know that you can absolutely — you’re encouraged to! — ask those embarrassingly basic questions. Make a list and we’ll teach you how to do each one, patiently, and with written notes you can refer to if you like.

My team and I will never, ever make you feel stupid for not knowing how to do those things. We love helping you have those life-changing Mac epiphanies!

Reach out anytime, via our contact page.

Lucas Roberts
Macinhome Consulting Inc.

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