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The SR™ Scale of LOLs

By January 29, 2011People+Technology

I was talking with my great friend (and inspiration) Sarah Edmondson about year ago. I made a joke of some kind, what I thought was an awesome joke, and she replied with “Lol.”

I had a bit of a moment. Why wasn’t it in caps?

Did she actually laugh out loud? How loudly or rambunctiously did she laugh? Or did she find my awesome joke a bit boring, and just chuckle to be polite?

We needed a way to communicate the loudness, the outwardly visible hilarity.

And, we needed to be able to measure the hilarity.

We came to agree that there would be a LOL scale, from 1 to 10.

From 1 to 4: From a silent and boring mental “heheh” to a visible and hearty chuckle no one can hear. Silent, all four.

From 5 to 8: From a restrained quiet chuckle to roaring with laughter. An 8 will disturb a room.

And everything in between.

9 and 10 are different. They are in their own category.

We called it: the Roberdmondson Scale™.

Sarah later told me it was an Lol7, so I was stoked.


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