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How to Fully Remove Mac Malware & Viruses; Six Easy Steps

By October 16, 2019May 15th, 2021Technical Tips

Are you horrified at the sight of website pop-ups, “Mac cleaner” ads, and creepy search webpages in your beloved Mac? SO AM I. Here is our tried, tested and true method for how to fully remove and clean Mac malware, Mac cleaners, and browser viruses… with time codes below:

00:31 Intro; what the malware looks like
01:07 Step 1: The best app; Malwarebytes from (and sadly no I do not have an affiliate arrangement with them)
03:15 Step 2: No Mac cleaners; removing recently installed apps
04:04 Step 3: System Preferences; getting junk out of Profiles and Login/Startup Items
05:22 Step 4: Web browser cleanup; fixing home pages and search pages, and removing extensions & Add-Ons in Safari, Chrome, Firefox
07:44 Step 5: Test and uninstall; making sure the malware is gone, and uninstalling Malwarebytes (assuming you want to keep your Mac running lean)
08:46 Step 6: Stay safe; how to prevent getting malware again in the future


Comment below or on the YouTube link with any thoughts, questions, or feedback!

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  • Kelly Robison says:

    Great video! I follow the same process and learned a few more tricks from you as well. Thank you for posting this. I will refer people to you when I am unable to help them. Are you hiring techs? I used to work at the Apple store in California as a Technical Specialist. I live in Eugene, OR.

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