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Everything is fine.

If you’re thinking, “Oh joy, a blog post from Lucas that I don’t have to read because everything is fine,” then you should probably read this.

I’ve been talking with hundreds of people about their technology over the last few years. Thousands, even.

This is what I hear most often:

“Things are going well. I’m busy, I don’t really want distractions and in fact, you are a distraction, Lucas. My technology is doing what I need it to and my work is getting done. I run into the occasional glitch, but I get through it. I always find a way. Everything is fine.

The problem is most people are settling for fine when things can be phenomenal. What do I mean by phenomenal? Good question.

Have you ever been using your Mac, doing the day to day as you’ve done for months, and you stumble on something unexpected and awesome you never knew it could do? Like those little shortcuts that increase your efficiency and speed up production?

Well, I call those “Mac epiphanies.” They’re pretty phenomenal, and they speed things up more than just a tad. The more Mac epiphanies you have, the more time you’ll have.

We all have goals. We all want things, and we all usually want them faster. We want bigger. We want more efficient, happier, and more creative. We want more free time. Faster. Now.

There is a very big difference between fine, and phenomenal – and you can start to bridge that gap with Mac epiphanies.

You can get them online, from a book, from savvy friends, or from great IT companies I’m not biased towards in the least.

With my unique training method, I guarantee you’ll have five time-saving, Mac epiphanies in 30 minutes.

So, if everything is fine, contact me immediately. If you don’t have time, contact me even sooner. My cell: 604-786-9779.


  • Hello Lucas, I met you long ago when I bought my first Mac at Mac station. I absolutely agree with you when you say: why settle for fine when phenomenal is possible? I’m glad you are using your skills to make a difference. I applaud teachers who are using technology.

  • Mario Gagnon says:

    Nice Blog !!
    The only thing i don’t like about blog is the name : blog !
    sound’s like virus name,,

    ok enought english speaking,, let’s speak francais,,
    Comment ca va,, Voila bonjour,, a la prochaine,,

    Tu viendra voir mon blog aussi ,,!!
    de Mario G.

  • Dave says: — My goodness! It was so obvious, wasn’t it? Why didn’t I think of that? Probably because my name isn’t Lucas Roberts…

    Oh well, maybe next time.

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