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Find your Wifi password in your Mac in 20 seconds!

By September 16, 2016December 30th, 2016Technical Tips

Find your Wifi password in your Mac in 20 seconds!


Ever have a friend or relative over at your house, and have them ask you for your wifi password only to realize you don’t remember it? If not, let us shake your hand for somehow dodging an incredibly common problem.

Good news, though! If you have a Mac, there’s absolutely no reason for you to climb behind your bookcase to read the little sticker on the router, or go leafing through your little book of scratched up, crossed out, out-dated passwords. Your Mac has stored the correct, up-to-date password for you, and you can retrieve it without even getting up from your desk.

This video has all the answers. And watch to the end for a fun bonus:

What a relief, right?


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