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Technical Tips

End “Mac Shame”

“My desktop is a mess. Please, don’t judge!” and “I have way too many photos… I know I should delete some.” and “I use the same password for everything… terrible, I know!” Let’s talk about our Mac Shame. It’s normal and totally fixable.

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A note from our CEO

Hello, For the past ten years I’ve made it my life and business mission to keep you safe, connected, and productive. It is important to me to continue doing that in earnest during this challenging time. My team and I…

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Switching from Windows to Mac? The ONLY 10 tips you need!

If you’re going from Windows to Mac – even if you made the switch long ago – you need these basic and pro tips. After 16 years helping people make the jump, I’ve identified the top stumbling blocks and inefficiencies people run into. Here they are all in one simple video. Everything from right click to file explorer to uninstalling programs and more… in the most efficient way possible. …

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How To Fire Your Computer Person

Many people come to us asking for help leaving their current computer person in a way that is amicable and safe. They want to prevent hassle and avoid bad mojo. I made a video to help as a guide in case you ever run into a situation like that. My hope is you will be able to find the right support for you and your needs based on these tips…

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