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How to Avoid a Giant Cellphone Bill When Travelling

By December 7, 2016October 31st, 2019Technical Tips

Making sure you don’t come home in debt

Are you afraid to travel to the US with your iPhone? Worried about roaming and data usage? In the below 5-minute video, Lucas covers the info you need to be armed and ready to protect yourself from the giant phone bill monsters. Understand Wifi versus Roaming, second-SIM card pros and cons, and how to use Google Maps like a globetrotting boss.

He gets really thorough in this one, so don’t be afraid to pause it, or watch it twice. Your phone bill will thank you!

Avoid giant cellphone bills when travelling!

Remember that your LTE-capable iPad has a SIM in it too, and will hit you with the same data overage fees as your phone if you don’t take the same precautions when travelling with it.

Lucas collapsed from exhaustion before he could cover that in the video. Did we mention it’s five minutes long?

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