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Mac Speech to Text: The Basics, and Some PRO TIPS!

By March 10, 2018October 31st, 2019Technical Tips

Want to write a world-changing blog post while your hands are full of lattes or hungry babies? Learn the basics and some pro tips for speech dictation on your Mac with Lucas’s new video:

Comment below or on the YouTube link with any thoughts, questions, or feedback!

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  • Joel Ashley says:

    I dunno what’s askew with our year-old MacBook Pro Big Sur. My wife wanted to write a letter to a relative, so I watched a couple videos (yours is the best!), and we tried it. But for some reason “new line” doesn’t work, and neither does “show commands”. It underlines sentences as we go, then on its own the microphone “dings” and disappears. The underlines disappear only then. Not sure why the dictation stops on its own, unless there’s a built-in delay where if we don’t say something for some seconds it shuts itself off. The wife opted to just write her letter using Notes on our iPads.

    We’ve been Windows people since 1995, so except for iPads since 2011, we’re new to Apple’s systems. Of course iPads are a bit different from Big Sur. But thank goodness I’m half-way (if that) knowledgeable about iPads, or the MacBook would be much harder to figure out. On the other hand, her iPad Mini’s battery was about done half way through her letter on Notes, so I gave her my iPad Pro to finish it, and darned if I can get her letter to show up on the Pro’s Notes, even though both devices use the same “Cloud”. Frustrating. We could’ve hand-written the letter by now.

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