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“Which Mac Should I Buy?” Top 5 Tips!

By July 11, 2016Technical Tips

I get asked this almost every day and I wanted to share the top five factors from my 16 years consulting. Watch to the end for a little comic relief in your busy day.

The top five factors in choosing a new Mac:

1. Think high performing for both current and future needs. You want a Mac that will support future hobbies and babies.

2. Think about options. An iMac can’t really go to Starbucks, but with a laptop you can go to Starbucks AND come home to connect it to a big screen, keyboard, and mouse on your desk.

3. The more you spend now, the longer it’s going to FEEL fast. Apple keeps coming out with new stuff and you want your Mac to feel current for as long as possible.

4. Get a really good screen. Ideally Retina display or whatever is newer, and as big as you’re willing to carry.

5. If you use your Mac to make money, in a year or two you will wish you had spent the extra $400 on RAM or Flash storage. You’re gonna wish you had invested.


Thanks to the mighty Kenrick Block for the amazing videos.


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