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They’re lying; it’s not actually simple

By November 24, 2016Technical Tips

You’re thinking “it shouldn’t be this hard, it’s supposed to be simple, I must be stupid.”
If I can’t figure out a SIMPLE THING then clearly there’s something wrong with ME.

The brands say it’s simple, one click setup, easy peasy. It’ll just work.
What about when it doesn’t?
What about when 20 simple things need to work together?
Or maybe you just haven’t spent enough hours fiddling with technical things to know what to look for.

Not so simple after all.

Saying “it’s simple” is a marketing buzz phrase to get you to buy stuff. It’ll make your life better!

…when it’s setup right and you understand it.

Until then it’s perfectly normal that it seems complex. You can feel relief knowing that “simple” is only brand promise and it just takes some work and patience to get there.

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