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Are you a victim of bad tech support? The top ten symptoms.

By November 20, 2016Technical Tips

(A blog post by Lucas Roberts)

  1. They’re a friend so you feel bad about holding them accountable when they deliver bad results or don’t respond.
  2. You spend half a day with phone support trying to solve something and it seems like you’re on a wild goose chase with no end in sight.
  3. You don’t understand what the tech people are explaining. They’re using words and concepts that sound like a foreign language.
  4. They try to sell you things you don’t think you need without a clear explanation you can understand.
  5. You don’t know if your stuff is backing up or not. Maybe the backup is happening. Probably. You hope so, anyway.
  6. It feels like you’re just not a priority to them.
  7. You often feel like the piggie in the middle, being bounced around from tech person to tech person. No one is owning the issue and they all say it’s the other person/company.
  8. Your tech person is telling you it’s fine when you KNOW it’s not.
  9. They don’t answer when you need stuff. And if they’re unavailable they won’t just tell you that so you know when to expect help or whether to look for someone else.
  10. The bill keeps getting bigger and bigger, time is going by, and you don’t know why or how much longer it might be.

We’ve made these mistakes and sometimes still do. That’s why feedback is everything. If you’ve ever felt burned, message us and we’ll go all the way to make it better.

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