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How to organize Mac photos in 2023 (Photos app, iCloud photos, macOS Ventura and earlier)

By February 10, 2023Technical Tips

Trying to tame your huge messy Apple Photos Library? You’re come to the right place.

These are my six best YouTube videos. They’re the result of working with hundreds of clients one-on-one helping with Photos app on the Mac.

How to prevent “photo shame” and organize a huge library using Favorites

How to use Ventura Duplicate photo cleaner built in to Photos app

The 10 best tips to organize photos on Mac (over 110,000 views!)

How to set up Places in Photos app to find your photos on a map

How to set up People in Photos app to get the help of facial recognition

How to fix dates in your Photos app

I hope these help you. If you have questions or want a hand please book an hour with me or someone from my team! “Book online” link is above or else right here:

All the best,

Lucas Roberts
Macinhome CEO and “the Mac guy in the videos”

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