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Lucas Roberts

Lucas’ crazy marketing idea featured in the Vancouver Sun!

Today’s small-business lesson: First pay the CRA… Home and small-business tech consulting company owner Lucas Roberts offered 80 free, personal, half-hour consultations just before Christmas. “I’ll pop in for 30 minutes (daytime, evening, or weekend) to check your Mac health and backup,” his email offer read. “No charge and no strings attached.” He promised the visit would “make you smile and will free up an hour of your time every week. If I’m wrong, you get a pumpkin spice latte.” He must have been slightly mad.

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How to get your devices talking better and playing nice

We get this one a lot. “How do I sync my devices? How do I get them to talk? Can you help?” This is a common and often very frustrating issue for people these days. You have all these amazing gadgets but they just don’t play nice with each other. The manufacturers say it’s easy to get started, but when there’s 6 different gadgets and 30 apps with 17 different logins, it’s a real pain and it seems insurmountable. [read more]

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